Into The Academy
Some of the most famous Masters walked these very halls.

Welcome to the Academy!

There's a lot to learn about the Kryptomon World, but the Academy is here to help you navigate it. Let's first start by choosing where you want to go! The Academy is divided into four parts, depending on your needs.
The Masterclass will help you start your Kryptomon and Crypto journey. Learn the basics of the technology before deep diving into the ins and out of the game.
Recommended for those new to cryptocurrency.
The Path will take you to the Academy ground where you will become a student and learn the tools you'll need to forge your own destiny.
Recommended for players starting the game for the first time.
The Library will take you to, well, to the library! The Academy boasts a wide selection of records and stories gathered from all around the world by our scholars.
Recommended for players interested in the storyline, lore and characters that you'll meet in game.
The Hunt will allow you to experience Kryptomons in the real world. Everyone can join in and become a Researcher, but bear in mind that research missions only happen once a month during the full moon!
Recommended for all.

So, where do you want to go first?

NOTE: Just like Kryptomon, The Academy is evolving as the game progress. It will be updated regularly when new mechanics, game modes, events, etc. are added.
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Welcome to the Academy!
So, where do you want to go first?
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