Training/Star Tickets

What is a Star Ticket?

Training Tickets

Training is a big part of Kryptomon Genesis as it allows your Kryptomon to reach its full potential through love, care, and tickets! It takes a total of 1280 tickets for a Kryptomon to reach max level (256 tickets to max a trait x 5 traits). Trainers can acquire regular training tickets that train a Kryptomon in a set period of time determined by the Kryptomon Smartness (Higher Smartness = Faster Training).

Trainers will get a majority of their tickets from the daily supply boxes. These are free resources to care for your pet which includes 3 tickets per pet in the wallet (max 12 tickets at 5 pets due to hard cap on daily boxes).

Star Tickets

Similar to training tickets, this item is used to train your Kryptomon and help it reach max level! Although it serves the same purpose as a regular training ticket, Star Tickets are far superior as they instantly complete one training session regardless of your Kryptomons' Smartness. Seeing as a low Smartness Kryptomon can take up to an hour per training session when using regular tickets, star tickets have the potential to save trainers hundreds of hours in training!

The best part? They're free! Trainers can earn up to star tickets per day by winning battles in the practice arena. Test your skills against a similarly levelled AI trainer and walk away with star tickets if you prevail!

General Training Tips

  1. Complete your Practice battles everyday. Tickets build up fast and before you know it you will have enough to max out a trainable stat instantly or fast track a training quest!

  2. Your Kryptomon must have 30 in each caring stat to train!

  3. Train your stats evenly! Your Kryptomon won't get very far if you focus all your training on one stat and leave the others in the dust. Increments of 10 in all stats works perfectly!

  4. Save your Star Tickets for Kryptomons with low Intelligence! To maximize efficiency it is best to use your Star tickets on your pets with the longest training time to get the most out of each ticket!