Guild System

How to Join Guild in World of Kogaea !

Step 1: Visit the "Guilds" Section from Menu.

Step 2: Search & Apply for Guild , You wanna join in:

Guild System is in Early phase and have very basic features embedded, Click on the " + " icon doesn't give notification or text atm ( in list in upcoming releases) but your application get sent.

Step 3: Wait for the Guild Leader or Officer to review your join Application

How to Create a New Guild :

Fill the Guild Request Form :

Team will contact the Leader via Telegram or Discord regarding/post Creation of guild.

Guild Perks πŸŽ‰

  • Guild Name tag under the Player's Name

  • Separate "Guild" Chat for Guild Members only. Use /g in the WOK chat to open the Guild chat.

  • Chat in private or Join Directly in Party with Guild Member.

  • Have a close communition between all

  • More Perks like Guild Quest, Raid and many things are in plan to come in later releases.

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