Battle Consumables

Specific numbers are subject to balance changes


Need a power boost at a pivotal point in a battle? Use a battle consumable from your item bag to boost one of your stats for a short period of time!

Where to get Consumables

Players can earn battle consumables in their daily story mode reward track. Consumables will only be found in the chests marked with the story mode seal. There are 3 different rarity of chests found in story mode: Bronze, Silver , Gold . As players take on harder chapters they will see the rewards track fill with rarer chests offering more consumables and higher odds at better items maxing out at Gold boxes.

Players can also stock up on consumables by purchasing a Diamond chest which guarantees 10 large battle consumables! This chest can be found on the marketplace for 10$ (in KMON).

Consumables Effects and Debuffs

Consumables come in 3 different sizes that scale in strength: small , medium and large. While each chest has a chance to give you a consumable of any size, the rarer the chest, the higher the chance of a large item.

Upon using an item, your Kryptomon will gain a debuff restricting it from using another item for a set amount of turns depending on the items strength. Some items are so powerful that the debuff will affect every Kryptomon on your team preventing item usage on all pets for a set amount of turns.

Numbers are subject to change as they are play tested! All effects last 4 turns (excluding Elemental Recharge,Health Potion,Critical and Evade Serum)