Story Challenge


Learn about the history and lore of Kogaea while also touching up on your battle skills by participating in Kryptomons: Genesis - The Impending Darkness. Comprised of 6 chapters, trainers will learn about the journey to Kogaea and battle basics while earning rewards for completing randomly generated challenges! Players will be able to come back every day to take on a new challenge and test their skills for a chance at premium rewards!


Chapters and Stages

Every day trainers will have the option to take on one chapter challenge containing 9 different stages. Each chapter get progressively more difficult but with the increased difficulty comes rarer rewards! You must beat a chapter a total of 5 times before you unlock the next chapter. If you find yourself struggling on a newly unlock chapter, you can instead challenge chapters you have beaten before to build up rewards and strength until you are ready for the increased difficulty! The Impending Darkness is designed to be challenge so do not feel down if you are defeated, instead do some more training and strategizing to overcome the chapter! Every 24 hours, chapters will reset and players will be allowed to challenge a new or previous chapter! Players will be allowed to attempt each stage once for free and also given 3 free replays in a chapter if you happen to fail the battle or a challenge.


Each stage within a chapter will have 3 random challenges for the trainer to complete. Each successful challenge complete will grant the trainer one star. Upon certain star thresholds, players will be granted rewards such as chests, star tickets, and battle consumables!

Battle Stamina Potions

If you happen to be really close to beating a story mode chapter/challenge but stuck on one or two battles without any free replays left, you can purchase a stamina potion for an additional attempt at a stage!

Earning $KMON

Throughout your journey in The Impending Darkness, you may find bags of $KMON in your rewards track. There are 4 different quantities of $KMON you can find on your journey(Micro, Small, Medium, Large) with the larger quantities being found in the later chapters. By collecting these various quantities of $KMON your wallet will be added to the weekly airdrop where you will be given a share of the weekly pool rewards based on the quantity and quality of the $KMON you found.

For example, if you collect 7 Small $KMON throughout your weekly journey you will be entitled to 7x the amount determined for that weeks value of the "Small KMON".