Choosing your starter Kryptomon

Finding your Perfect Kryptomon

Find your Starter Kryptomon

The Portal Operator is here to help you find the perfect Kryptomon for you by asking you a few questions to plug into his KryptoFinder Tool (TM)!

By selecting the type of Kryptomon you wish to purchase as well as there classification, The Portal Operator will provide you a few options that fit all your preferences!

The Portal Operator will also evaluate the Kryptomons stats and provide an overall star rating aswell as a star rating for 8 key stats! On average, Starter Kryptomon will be at 2 or 3 star overall but as you click next you may find higher star pets for a slightly higher price!

If you would like to do more independent research before selecting your starting Kryptomon please visit the Kryptomon DNA and the Spell Library!

Once you have found your Starter Pet, Press select to move on to "Building your starter package"!