Crafting Armor

Time to suite up!


Similar to Power Ups, Armors are a craftable and upgradable NFT which boost your Kryptomons strength! Players will be able to craft and upgrade armor with Armor Scraps earned through story mode! Specifics on Armor Scraps, Types of Armor, and Crafting will be covered in the rest of this page!

Armor Scraps

The core crafting material for armor comes in the form of Armor Scraps. Players can earn Armor Scraps by completing stages in The Impending Darkness (story mode) and earning enough stars to redeem Armor Scraps. Trainers will not find Armor Scraps in the earlier chapters but as you progress and face harder challenges you will receive better rewards, such as Armor Scraps. The best way to gather scrapes is by completing your reward track every day!

Armor Types


The Conqueror armor set focuses on offense capabilities! Using this set will offer your Kryptomon a large boost in Elemental Attack and Physical Attack, and a small boost Resistance and Health points.


The Guardian set focuses on defensive capabilities! Using this set will offer you a massive boost in Resistance, and a small boost in Elemental Attack , Physical Attack, and Health points.


The Vanquisher set focuses on a balanced playstyle! Using this set will offer you a balanced boost in Elemental Attack, Physical Attack, Health points, and Resistance.

Crafting and Upgrading Armor

Players can begin crafting armor with as little as two Armor Scrap! When crafting armor, you will always begin with a Bronze base. Then, you can infuse that armor piece with more scrap to create stronger armor pieces such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and even Diamond!

Crafting Armor

  1. Go to "My Assets" tab in the Kryptomon Marketplace and scroll down to "Armor Scraps"

  2. Click on "Armor Scraps" and search through "Crafting Blueprints" for the armor piece you would like to craft!

  3. Select "Craft" on the armor you would like to mint and confirm the transaction in your wallet

There is no additional fee to craft besides the cost in scraps and the gas fee of the blockchain transaction!

4. Wait for the blockchain and website to confirm your armor has been crafted!

5. Check out your new Armor NFT in the "My Assets" tab in the Kryptomon Marketplace and equip it to your Kryptomon in game!

Upgrading Armor

In order to increase the strength of your Armor, you must infuse Armor Scraps into a previously crafted piece of armor.

  • Bronze armor is created with just raw armor scraps

  • Silver armor is created by infusing bronze armor with scraps

  • Gold armor is created by infusing silver armor with scraps

  • Platinum armor is created by infusing gold armor with scraps

  • Diamon armor is created by infusing platinum armor with scraps

  1. Go to "My Assets" tab in the Kryptomon Marketplace and select the armor piece you would like to upgrade.

2. Under the "Crafting Blueprints" you will see 3 options. The first 2 options will be to reforge the armor into a different type, and the 3rd option will be to upgrade the armor to Silver (II)!

4. After selecting craft, you will receive a wall pop up to confirm the transaction and pay the gas fees of the transaction.

5. Once confirmed your armor will be upgraded and you can begin saving Armor Scraps to upgrade to the next tier!