Buying/Selling Kryptomon

The marketplace is a platform where users can buy and sell Kryptomon. However, the marketplace only accepts KMON, the native cryptocurrency of the Kryptomon ecosystem, as the medium of exchange. This means that trainers must acquire KMON first before they can participate in the buying and selling of Kryptomon. The use of KMON as the sole currency within the marketplace ensures a streamlined and efficient transaction process, with minimal transaction fees and delays.

Buying A Kryptomon

Once you have found the Kryptomon you like, you can purchase it with KMON! 1. Here for our example is a Water Kryptomon Listed for 2,000 KMON or about 20$

  1. For First time buyers, you may need to authorize the purchase on the website and set a spending limit (costs around .1$ in gas fees)

  1. Once authorized you can proceed with the transaction and upon blockchain approval the Kryptomon will be yours!

Selling A Kryptomon

In order to sell a Kryptomon, you will need to begin by viewing the Kryptomon under the "My Assets" tab in the marketplace.

  1. Click Sell

  1. Set an expiration date and price for the Kryptomon (Price will be set in $ and automatically converted and listed in KMON)

  1. Confirm the Price

  1. Pay the gas fees for listing (there is no marketplace fee to list/delist Kryptomon)

  1. Confirm the listing with your notifications tab!