Favorite Food

How to Figure Out Your Kryptomons Favorite Food

Kryptomon's favorite foods, a simple mechanic that can help you maximize your resources and complete different quests. Each Kryptomon will have 2 favorite foods and 2 disliked foods with one of each being in the standard food group (food from the free daily boxes). The fastest way to determine your Kryptomon's favorite food is to compare your hotbar values to the base value of the food items and see which one is higher or lower!

The image above shows the base value for each standard food item so the last step for the trainer is to compare the values above with the value provided by items in game! For example, in the image below we can determine the Kryptomon's favorite food to be Apples (Base 10, Actual 14 ) and disliked food to be Chicken (Base 14, Actual 10). While its not the end of the world to give your Kryptomon its disliked food (certain quests require you to do so!), if you want to best optimize resources its best to feed your Kryptomon their favorite food for maximum value.