Kryptomon Battles 101

Preparing for a Kryptomon Battle

A Kryptomon's strength aside, battles are a reflection of a trainer's skill and knowledge. Any trainer worth his / her salt will know the following, so make sure you do too to avoid being knocked out in a snap!

A Kryptomon's health scale is separate from the health bar that it uses in battle. For ease of reference, we'll refer to the Kryptomons' health scale that you can increase using healing items as defined in the Three Scales page as Tamagotchi Health, while health in battle will be Battle Health.

  1. Keep your Kryptomon's Tamagotchi Health at 80 or above to enter battle with full Battle Health.

  2. Tamagotchi and Battle health are in a ratio of 1:10 tied to the percentage of the health drain in battle. Kryptomon will incur Tamagotchi Health loss based on the damage sustained in battle. (A Kryptomon loses 80% of its Battle Health during a fight - It will see its Tamagotchi Health drop by 8%)

  3. As with training, a Kryptomon's Three Scales must be at 30 or above to initiate a Kryptomon battle.

Winning Condition

Knock out all of the opponent's Kryptomon before they do the same to you - The trainer with the last Kryptomon standing wins!

Turn-based Gameplay

Kryptomon is a turn-based strategy battler that requires a tactical mindset and the ability to think on your feet in order to outplay your opponents!

Before battle, each trainer will choose to field up to 3 Kryptomon. Since Kryptomon battles are 1v1, you'll also determine which of your 3 Kryptomons will enter battle first.

Once battle begins, the Speed parameter of both Kryptomons' on the field (yours vs your opponents') will determine the Kryptomon that gets the first strike.

Every turn, a trainer is given a maximum of X seconds to determine the best course of action. Choose wisely... but quickly or you might find yourself losing a turn! There is no option to pass a turn without doing anything (nor should you want to!)

You can strategically swap Kryptomon in between turns, this does not consume the turn.

Battle UI

During battle, the left side of the screen will show information related to your Kryptomon team, while similar information on the opponent's team is available on the right.

On the upper left corner, you'll see your active Kryptomon's HP and its statuses (both positive and negative)

Below that is a section that shows the HP and statuses of the remaining Kryptomon on your team.

Finally in the bottom left, you'll see your trainer avatar along with the number of elemental charges you've accumulated. Elemntal charges are used to cast stronger spells. It good to keep track of how many spells both you and your opponent have so you can predict their next move!

Elemental Efficiency

One of the most important pieces of information to know before walking into battle is the elemental advantage wheel pictured below. Every element has an advantage over one other element, and fielding the right Kryptomon might mean the difference between victory and loss.

Kryptomon with the elemental advantage will deal 50% extra damage when using an elemental attack (physical attacks don't count!) It's important to note that as Kryptomon have 2 elemental families, it's a Kryptomon's main elemental family that will determine its elemental advantages and weaknesses.

Eg: A Kryptomon with a main element of Fire with deal 50% extra damage when using its fire spells against an opponent that has an Ice main element.


โ„๏ธ Ice has advantage over Grass

๐ŸŒณ Grass has advantage over Ground

๐Ÿชจ Ground has advantage over Electric

โšก Electric has advantage over Ghost

๐Ÿ‘ป Ghost has advantage over Air

๐Ÿ’จ Air has advantage over Water

๐ŸŒŠ Water has advantage over Fire

๐Ÿ”ฅ Fire has advantage over Ice