Importing a Magic Wallet to MetaMask


In order to ease players into the Web3 experience, we have partnered with Magic to give players the option to create a wallet at the same time they create a Kryptomon account with nothing more than an email! This helps immensely with new users entering the space for the first time as it allows them to get used to the blockchain without getting overloaded. That being said, Magic wallets come with there own limitations and as users become more comfortable within the space, they may wish to expand that wallet to other platforms. This page will cover in detail how to import your Magic Wallet to MetaMask.

Step 2: Verify the login email and return to the page

Step 3: Read and Agree to the terms to reveal your Private Key


No one from the Kryptomon Team (or any crypto project) will ever ask you for your Private Key. There is never an issue or case where anyone will need your Private Key. This key is essential the master password to your wallet so if anyone ever gets it your funds will be at risk.

Step 4: Store your Private Key in a safe place that only you will have access too!

Step 5: Go to and download the browser extension!

Step 6: Create and Secure a MetaMask Wallet

Step 7: Once Created, Import your Magic wallet using your Private Key

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