Loyalty Points


Need an extra steak or tea to finish a quest? By inviting friends to play Kryptomon, you can earn loyalty points which can be redeemed for specific premium items! This allows you to target an item you need and trade in loyalty points instead of KMON!

How to Invite A Friend

By clicking on the referral tab in the Trainers Hub, you will be taken to the loyalty points page! Here you can see your unique invite code, the number of people you have referred, and your current loyalty points! To invite a friend, simply click on one of the 4 sharing options and send the link generated to the friend you wish to invite!

Earning Loyalty Points

There are currently 2 different ways to earn loyalty points 1. Single time objectives - These are one time actions new players can complete to earn some loyalty points!

2. Reoccurring Objectives - These can be completed multiple times to continually earn loyalty points!

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