How to Download the World of Kogaea Application

Playstore ▶️ : Appstore 🍎 : Windows 🪟 : Step to Install Kmon:World of Kogaea Windows Pc client.

1.Download the .exe file by clicking on the link given.

2.Open properties by Right clicking on the .exe file.

3. Check the Tick On the Unblock button then click on save.

4. Then double click on it again to start installing process and click next ... and launch the app

5. Now you will be able to play Kmon:World of Kogaea with smoother experience.

Device Minimum Requirement for Pc, Android and IOS in WOK

Android 📲


Compatibility requirements - Arm v8a 64 bit

OS - Android 8.0 and above

Memory - 3GB RAM

Storage - 8GB

iOS 📱


iPhone X or Later

iPad 7th Gen or Later

iPad Mini 5th Gen or Later

iPad Pro 4th Gen or Later

iPad Air 3rd Gen or Later

OS - iOS 12.0 and above

Memory - 3GB RAM

Storage - 8GB

PC 💻


Windows 10 or Later

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 equivalent and better

Intel Core i5 equivalent or better

Memory - 4GB RAM

Storage - 8GB

Game UI/Basics Quick Guide


1.Can we play World of Kogaea on Mobile And PC?

A. Yes, World of Kogaea is Playable on Android,Ios and Windows too. Playstore ▶️ : Click Here Appstore 🍎 : Click Here Windows 🪟 : Click Here ( World of Kogaea Can be installed on the Mac too using the Testflight app,Click on the Appstore link after Installing the Testflight in the Mac).

2.How can we get the” Pink Moon Shard” from Community preview?

A. Players will need to Complete the set of the “Preview Quest 2” and Fill the “Survey Form” Sent after the Community Preview.Stay tuned for the Survey form to arrive in your email or stay tuned to the Kryptomon Socials Accounts.

3.How to change the “Display Name” in World of Kogaea?

A. Go to the “Game Menu”<”Settings”<”Accounts”. - Click on the Name Box and Modifiy the Name and click on “Update button” - Afterwards Relogin after closing the app. -Your Name will be Updated.

4. How to get out,if you are stuck somewhere in Haamu and Bosco region?

A. Go to the Game Menu<Settings<Help Section< Click on “Help I am Stuck Button”.

5. How to Set the Kryptomon Spell for Battle when you first time logged in?

A. Click on the Trainers Profile < Click next < Click on Spell button the Kryptomon Menu< Set the Spells in all 6 Slots.

6.How Can I Change the Clothes for the Trainer Avatar?

A. Click on the Trainer’s Profile and the first screen you see there will be Trainer Equipment Section. There players will be able to equip clothing among the 4 clothing slot - Head,Chest,Legs and Feet. Trainer DIgital Merch NFT can be Equipped too aside from the Basic Clothes in this Community preview like Country Cosmetics Set ,Habbo Hoodie,Hunter Club Hoodie and Pumpkin head in head slot,etc

7. Can we use the Pumpkin Head that we bought from flash sale ?

A. Yes, all players will be able to use the Pumpkin Head in the World of Kogaea as it dropped in their wallet after 31st October 12:00 pm UTC.

8. For how long will the World of Kogaea Access be given?

A. Whitelisted Players will be able to access the World of Kogaea from 30th October 01:00 PM UTC to 5th November 01:00 PM UTC.

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