Types Of Kryptomon

In the sprawling world of Kogaea, various types of Kryptomon exist, each with their own unique characteristics. This page will go over each type of Kryptomon and their bonuses across Pink Moon Titles!

Synthetic Kryptomon

These synthetic creatures are readily available to all users, offering a taste of our immersive universe. They serve as an excellent entry point for newcomers who wish to explore the Kryptomon world before making a commitment. However, it's important to note that these Kryptomon come with certain limitations.

While they offer an introduction to the game and its mechanics, they do not possess the same potential as other Kryptomon. These introductory Kryptomon may also have restricted gameplay features compared to their paid counterparts. Nonetheless, they play a crucial role for those who are new to Kogaea, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the basics of Kryptomon.

Find more info on synthetic Kryptomon here!

Kryptomon NFT

The most prevalent type of Kryptomon in the world of Kogaea, these Kryptomon can be obtained through breeding, the player marketplace, or Pink Moon Studios Events!

With one Kryptomon NFT, Players will have full access to each title under Pink Moon Studios. By integrating WEB3 technology, we are allowing players to not only increase the strength of their characters through playing but also the value of their assists!

Aura Kryptomon NFT

From the first time Kogaea and our worlds crossed paths (initial mint), a limited number of unique Kryptomon were found! These "Aura" Kryptomon (previously known as unfreezables) can be spotted easily in battle from the distinct energy radiating off their body and on the marketplace through the sparkles found on their image!

Some distinctions between Aura Kryptomon and Regular Kryptomon include the following:

  • Limited number of aura kryptomon exist, they will never be mintable again (rarity)

  • Due to their excess energy, aura kryptomon receive a 10% damage buff to their main family elemental attacks!

  • Aura Kryptomon cannot become frozen due to lack of care

  • Distinct appearance

  • Double energy gathering (World of Kogaea)

  • Free fast travel to main family region (World of Kogaea)

Super (X-Factor) Kryptomon NFT

Genetics can be a tricky thing when breeding, and sometimes when stars align, a Super Kryptomon NFT is created. With base odds of 1 in 1000 on every breed, each breed has a chance to turn into something super!

These kryptomon will have all of the benefits of a normal Kryptomon NFT but also have, Increased Elemental damage against all elements.