Synthetic Kryptomon

Enter the World of Kogaea with a set of 4 Free Synthetic Kryptomon

Looking to try out Kryptomon Genesis for yourself? Well look no further and mint yourself 4 synthetic kryptomon today to start playing for free! These Kryptomon will give you a taste of what Kryptomon Genesis has to offer and when you find yourself addicted you can transfer all of your progress to a real Kryptomon!

While you wont have access to everything that Kryptomon Genesis has to offer with Synthetic Kryptomon, you will have access to key features such as:

  • Daily Loot boxes

  • Weekly Quests

  • Game Nights

  • Dojo Mode

Play and Earn

We are also excited to announce that Synthetic Kryptomon can now access up to chapter 4 in our story challenge mode, meaning you can earn KMON each day by completing all challenges in that chapter! Synthetic Kryptomon can also be used to complete weekly quests that unlock the user various premium in-game items and even the chance of KMON if they can complete quest 5 and 10 every week!

How to Mint Synthetic Kryptomon (PC Guide)