First steps of Play&Earn in Kryptomon.

Quest Breakdown

Quests provide trainers a series of 10 tasks to complete each week that offer scaling rewards as you complete harder and harder tasks. Rewards from quests can vary from a bundle of standard items, individual premium items (silver/gold Lootbox items) and ,upon completing: Quest 5: A small reward of KMON Quest 10: A larger reward of KMON and 1 Random Token

KMON rewards are claimed in game but will be air dropped weekly to your wallet! (i.e. You will not see the KMON directly in your wallet after claiming in game)

Quest difficulty will scale with your progress throughout the week. On average, most players will be able to reach quest 5, where as quests 6-10 are more likely to require premium items or a serious time commitment to complete!

General Tips for Quests

  • Start early in the week! Some quests can require 10+ hours to complete, so starting early in the week can ensure you have enough time to complete them all!

  • Complete every Pink Moon Treasure Hunt! Some quests require premium items to complete, you can earn these items through questing in previous weeks or by finding them during our Monthly Treasure Hunt!

  • Stockpile Star Tickets! In order to speed up completion of training quests, you can stockpile your star tickets to complete training quests instantly! Its a Win-Win as you get more than just levels from using your Star tickets!