New Features in the Dungeon Preview


  • Players are now able to customize their characters appearance. Visit the barbershop in Treetop City in Dendra to find the NPC that can modify your appearance.

  • Players can now login via e-mail address in addition to username

  • NFT-based Whitelist Support - Trainers Club Badge holders will automatically have access to the game without whitelisting.

  • Baby Kryptomon have been added to the game - awww aren't they so cute. In the future, the main difference with babies will be they will be unable to wear armor.

  • Game sounds and background music have been added to the game

  • New Grass and Vegetation has been added in Bosco


  • Players can now earn trainer XP to level up - your trainer level limits your Kryptomon levels. For this preview, trainers will begin at level 10 and a max level cap of 15 will be set. For this preview, trainer stats do not scale based on levels but will in the future.

  • Battle XP can now be earned by Kryptomon by defeating creatures in combat. For this preview, all Kryptomon will start at level 10. This XP is scaled based on the creature level and Kryptomon level involved in combat.

  • To earn Battle XP, a trainer must be engaged in combat - either by doing damage to a creature or healing someone who is dealing damage to a creature

  • Training Powerup Boosts are now recognized in game so they will show up in your inventory. The training boost powerups will boost Battle XP earned according to their new % shown in game.

  • Battle XP is shared amongst party members based on the number of players in the party


  • Damage /healing modifiers have been adjusted across the board for balancing

  • Archetype spells added: Roar (Tank), Howl (DPS - Elemental Damage / Healing), Gnaw (DPS - Physical Damage)

  • Roar taunts all creatures in the surrounding area to attack you, adds a buff that generates elemental charges based on damage taken and increases aggro generated from damage dealt

  • Howl generates 50 charges and increases elemental damage done by 5%

  • Gnaw generates 5 charges and deals physical damage over time + increases physical damage by 50%

  • Defensive Stance will now properly generate charges while taking damage

  • Elemental shields have had their cooldowns increased to 120s from 60s

  • Added support to the game engine for a number of new spell mechanics / effects - ground effects, cleave / cone attacks, speed impairment effects, etc.

  • Damage boosts have been updated for auras to 10%, supers to 15% and for elemental efficiency to 20%.

  • Static Electricity now grants 30 charges

  • Overload now grants 15 charges

  • Rejuvenating Rain has been added to the water spell library which heals friendly targets for 35% of elemental power and has a cooldown of 1.5s

Loot / Rewards / Achievements

  • Rewards can now be marked to be shared amongst party members or randomly split across the party

  • Achievements can be earned by anyone in the party that was engaged in combat

  • Quest items can now be earned by party members - some items such as boss drops will be earned by all players in the party who have engaged in combat.


  • 5 Player Co-Op Dungeons: Players will be able to form parties with up to 4 other players to complete a dungeon with bosses and mobs.

  • The leader of a party can queue to enter a dungeon by going to the Dungeon menu and clicking the enter icon where all players will need to confirm

  • After the initial enter flow, a player may leave the dungeon or re-enter the dungeon using the door icon in the top right of their HUD.

  • A dungeon will reset if all 5 players left the instance after it has begun

  • Dungeon Queue Finder: In the Dungeons menu, players can queue for a dungeon individually or as a party and select their desired roles. Group leaders may also add players from queue to their party direclty from the menu.

  • Upon death, a player will respawn at the begining of the dungeon.

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