How to Participate!

More information about the Kryptomon: Pink Moon can be found on its dedicated web page here!

How To Participate In The Pink Moon Event?

Just like other titles under the Kryptomon Brand, players with a Kryptomon NFT will automatically be eligible to whitelist list each month for every hunt! . Players that own an NFT will also gain access to 10 invite codes that they can share with their friends and family so they can join them on the hunt!

KEY NOTE - You must whitelist manually Every Quarter month for the hunt. We don't want to whitelist non-active wallets and have items go to waste that others could have hunted!

Download the App

In order to access the hunt players can download our new Pink Moon at the links below

Android users: iOS users:


Once whitelisted you are good to go! What for the Pink Moon to appear then stay safe hunting!

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