Types of Spells


A major part of understanding the combat system in Kryptomon is learning the 4 different types of spells. Each Kryptomon will have access to 5 spells slots which they will fill with spells from their main or secondary family before battle. These spells include 1 physical attack, 1 defensive spell, 2 elemental spells, and 1 ultimate spell! Its important to understand the classification of spells as many buffs/debuffs in the game affect certain spell categories!

Physical Attack

The bread and butter of every Kryptomon found in the first spell slot. Physical attacks will set the tempo of the game and generate resources for more powerful attacks.

Defensive Spell

Defensive spells occupy the second spell slot and provide trainers a defensive option to reduce the amount of damage their Kryptomon will receive the next turn! More specifics on Kryptomon defensive spells can be found in the spell library!

Elemental Spells

Elemental spells occupy the 3rd and 4th spell slot. From birth your Kryptomon will know a basic elemental spell but if you wish to cast more powerful elemental spells, you will need to train your Kryptomons talent in the respected family of the spell you wish to unlock! Mastery of elemental spells and synergy is essential to be victorious in Genesis!

Ultimate Spell

Ultimate spells are the most powerful spells in the game and are categorized differently from elemental spells due to their sheer power! Be careful to never left your Kryptomon be hit by a elemental efficient ultimate spell! This will occupy the 5th spell slot in your attack bar and can be used to close out games in a flash!