Premium Currency in Kogaea


Similar to Clash of Clans "gems" and "RP" in League of Legends, Kryptomon has its own premium game currency in the form of $KMON. Players will use $KMON for all premium transactions in the game such as loot boxes, tournament tickets, Power UPs, and forging armor! Players will also earn $KMON during their time in Kogaea through different challenges such as Heroic Story Mode, PVP Ladder Rank Rewards, and Weekly Quest Rewards. If you're lucky you may even find a bag of KMON during the Pink Moon Treasure Hunt!

Why we use $KMON?

One of the many benefits of building a game with Blockchain integration is the power we can bring to our players. The premium currency you earn in the game can be reinvested to grow your Kryptomon party/strength or cashed out by selling $KMON on the open market. This is not a new concept in gaming as players have been selling coins and items in games like World of Warcraft and New World for years. However, unlike those games where you must go through a sketchy 3rd party website, Kryptomon has combined blockchain technology with gaming, allowing our players the freedom to do what they wish with the items they earn in game on our official marketplace!

Converting to $KMON

If you are looking to convert some cash to KMON, the Simplex plugin on our website will allow you to convert to KMON with your credit cad and have it delivered instantly to your wallet! (Please note that this method is recommended for users that already have some BNB to cover gas fees!)
Using this plug-in, simply add the amount and currency you wish to swap for KMON and paste your public wallet address. Once you have your purchase amount and wallet address press continue to verify your information and complete your purchase!

Selling $KMON

If you are looking to cash out some of your $KMON we highly recommend using PancakeSwap! This will allow you to exchange your KMON for other currencies like BNB which can be cashed out on most exchanges!


For a deep dive into the tokenomics, please check out our medium article here! (https://medium.com/kryptomon/kryptomon-tokenomics-bc8268ee6e8)