Breeding Introduction

Welcome to the exciting world of Kogaea, where breeding mechanics add a whole new dimension to your adventure! As a skilled trainer, you'll have the opportunity to combine the powers of your beloved Kryptomon and create unique offspring that inherit the best of both parents. Picture this: when your Kryptomon reaches its middle life stage, 1 month from hatch, it's the perfect time to embark on a breeding quest. You'll carefully select a dashing male and a captivating female Kryptomon, taking into account their stats and traits. Then, through the magical process of breeding, a brand-new Kryptomon with a blend of its parents' characteristics emerges into the world! It's a joyful celebration, filled with anticipation and wonder as you watch the young one grow, unlocking a world of possibilities and adventures! So, get ready to witness the magic of breeding in Kryptomon, where every offspring becomes a testament to your skill and dedication as a trainer!


Mutations are an intriguing aspect of the Kryptomon breeding system, adding an element of surprise and strategy to your quest for powerful companions. The lowest generation parent holds the key to determining the mutation percentage. It's a delicate balancing act: the lower the mutation percentage, the higher the chances of consistent growth in stats, ensuring a steady rise to greatness. However, venturing into the realm of higher generation parents introduces a fascinating risk-reward dynamic. While there's a possibility of negative mutations that decrease certain stats, there's also the potential for remarkable breakthroughs. To help trainers make informed decisions, the breeding center offers a unique feature—pairing Kryptomon allows players to preview the mutations and get a glimpse of the exciting stat range that awaits. So, embrace the thrill of the unknown, carefully weigh the odds, and embark on a breeding journey where mutations become a gateway to untapped potential and untold possibilities.
Mutation Range Chart

Breeding Cost

In the captivating world of Kryptomon breeding, the price of creating new offspring is a carefully calculated affair, blending factors like battle ratings and breeding limits. The cost is primarily determined by the battle rating of each parent, ensuring that their prowess in combat contributes to the value of their lineage. An elite parent, with its remarkable skills, carries a base breeding fee of $37.50. A veteran parent, having honed its abilities through battles, commands a base fee of $23.75. Meanwhile, a rookie parent, in the early stages of its journey, carries a base fee of $10. However, there's more to consider. As you continue to breed Kryptomon, the breed fee increases by 10% after each successful breeding until you reach the breed limit.
Let's take a look at an example to illustrate this: If the mother is an elite Kryptomon with no previous breeds, the base fee would be $37.50. If the father is a veteran Kryptomon with 2 previous breeds, the base fee of $23.75 would increase by ($23.75 * (2 * 10%)) = $28.50. Combining the two, the total breed fee would amount to $66.00. So, as you venture into the world of breeding, be prepared to navigate a cost structure that rewards the power and experience of your Kryptomon lineage. Total Base Fee = Parent 1 Base Fee + Parent 2 Base Fee Breeding Fee = Total Base Fee + (10% * Total Number of Breeds * Total Base Fee)

Breeding Parameters


The number of times a Kryptomon can breed is based on both its age and its Stamina parameter. The higher the Stamina, the more times it will be able to breed.


Breeding requires a lot of energy and Kryptomons need to rest between breeding sessions. This parameter affects the cooldown time in between breeding sessions, where a higher Speed equates to a shorter cooldown period.