Creating a Kryptomon account

Create an account to store all of your characters and to interact with other users on the blockchain!


As mentioned in Kryptomon Basics, a trainers best resource is the Trainers Hub! This stays true for trainers that are just beginning their journey! Through the trainers hub, players will be able to create a Kryptomon Account and wallet with nothing more than a Username, Email, and Password!

Creating Your Kryptomon Account

  1. Head over to

2. Create your account by filling in the required information

If you have your own MetaMask wallet you would like to link to your account select "Create an account with your own wallet". If left on default, Kryptomon will create you your own wallet with Magic!

3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email provided by Magic!

4. Once completed your account will be created and you will be sent back to login!

You now have a Kryptomon account and a Blockchain wallet address! Continue to the next page as we complete the following steps: 1. Choose your starter Kryptomon 2. Build your starting package 3. Checkout

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