Party System

Party System in World of Kogaea covers important part to have Co-operative Gameplay from doing Quest together, Xp Sharing from defeating Creatures, Dungeon and many More things inside the World of Kogea.

How to Form a Party inside World of Kogaea

Step 1: Open the "Menu" tab and Visit "Friends" Section Online Players will show in there

Step 2: Invite your " Friends " or Players from World of Kogaea to your Party.

Click on the " + " icon to send the Party Invite request or If someone already in a party then using the " +" icon can send application to join in there party as well.

Invite players to party via Chat:

Command: /party invite <playername>

Step 3: After they have accepted the invitation they will start showing up under the "Party" tab

Step 4 : Now party is ready to do Quest together, Dungeons, Xp Sharing by Killing Creatures

Party Leader

  • Player who Create/Form the Party at the first get auto title of Party leader.

  • Party Leader can Transfer the Leadership to other members of the party.

  • Party leader can kick or invite new members to the party.

  • If leader leave the party or offline then system transfer the Ownership to the other member of the party.

  • Only leader can Start the Dungeon after 5 Players are added to the party.

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