Forge Your Destiny: Victory demands teamwork and strategy! Create an unstoppable team with friends to conquerate an unstoppable team with friends to conquer the treacherous dungeons. The key lies in understanding your role and building synergy within your party.

Choose your role wisely:

  • ‍DPS: Unleash your offensive power with Ground/Ghost (Short-Range) or Electro/Fire (Long-Range) Kryptomons.‍

  • Tank: Be the unwavering shield for your team with Air/Ice elemental Kryptomons.‍

  • Healer: Mend your allies' wounds and keep them in the fight with Grass/Water elemental Kryptomons. ‍

Dungeons are a 5-player show. Experiment with different archetype combinations to discover your ultimate team build. ‍

Remember: Individual Kryptomons possess dual elements, allowing them to potentially cover two roles

On the Kryptomon Details Section, top left of it shows KMON which Archytype/Role, they can cover

Here for the Example - Grass/Ice show they can be DPS / Healer / Tank too while playing depending on the spell set and role they can fill in a party.

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