Advance Play Test Guide

Written by Axel 🐤

How to change the Trainer Cosmetics!

💠Click on the Trainer’s Profile 💠Click on the Slot you Wanna Change 💠You can either equip different cosmetic or remove that is already you have 💠Hunter Hoodie,Habbo Hoodie,Country Cosmetics are also available to equipped in this preview to flex your cosmetics on others.

How to set Kryptomon for battle!

1st Kryptomon will be automatically Selected on the battle field by the Default.Players can have three kryptomon on field while One Kryptomon will be on the Battle Field always and other two will be as reserved those can be easily swapped while battling or outside the battle just by clicking on it.

💠Go to the Trainer’s Profile 💠Click on the “Next Tab” button 💠Kryptomon menu will appear where players can do various stuff related to kryptomon. 💠Set the order on different Kryptomons I , II and III. Those with set order will appear on the Battle slots

Kryptomon Spells

Here Players can Set or Change the Spell of the Kryptomon on all 6 battle slots.

💠Go to the Trainers Profile and click on it. 💠Click on the Next Button on the right side. 💠After seeing the Kryptomon Menu ,Click on the Spells Tab. 💠 Click on the Blank slots and set the spell on your kryptomons on all 6 slots among the spells dedicated to all those physical,defensive,ultimate and elemental slot. 💠If its already set then you can also re-click on it to change into different spells.

Pink Moon Shards

Details on the Pink Moon Shards:

🌙 Pink Moon Shards are a coveted rarity in the digital realm of Kogaea. These unique digital items are accessible exclusively through participation in the Community Preview.

💱 What sets them apart is their tradability on the Kryptomon NFT Items Marketplace, adding a layer of excitement to ownership.

🔮 As ERC-1155 NFTs, Pink Moon Shards are poised to become a treasured digital asset, compliant with the NFT token standard.

🛍 In the forthcoming official Beta (Public Release) of the World of Kogaea, these shards unlock a world of possibilities. They can be exchanged with the enigmatic "Shard Vendor" for remarkable in-game items. The more Pink Moon Shards you collect, the greater the potential for acquiring rarer treasures.

🌟 To obtain these exclusive shards, full participation in all Community Previews is imperative. By fulfilling specific tasks during each preview and submitting feedback, you earn the right to possess these exquisite digital gems.

⏳ It's worth noting that Pink Moon Shards are given as rewards only for the Preview after the official World of Kogaea release won't be given as rewards in the game thus making it limited .After that to gain the shards players can buy from other players.

💠Intricately designed and incredibly rare, Pink Moon Shards are your gateway to a world of unparalleled digital wonder in the World of Kogaea.

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