Migration to Polygon

overview and details on the polygon migration


Kmon NFTs are in the process of transitioning to the Polygon Chain alongside their gaming ecosystem, and the $KMON coin is concurrently making its migration to both the Ethereum Chain and the Polygon Chain, maintaining an equivalent token quantity as on the Binance Smart Chain.

This implies that players are required to transfer their NFTs from the Binance Smart Chain to utilize them within the gaming environment. Importantly, there is no specified deadline for players to conduct the migration of their assets from the BSC chain to Polygon for both NFTs and the $KMON token. This page will facilitate your exploration of the migration process for NFTs and the KMON token, offering insights, tips, and frequently asked questions.

Ensure that you have an account established at the Trainer Hub to facilitate the migration of your assets from the Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, or alternatively, for the migration of KMON tokens to either Polygon or the Ethereum Chain.

If you have not yet created an account, kindly proceed to do so at the following link: https://hub.kryptomon.co/sign-up

Network to add in the Metamask wallet before Migration

Polygon Mainet

  1. Add Network through Chainlist: Visit chainlist website ,Connect Wallet and add Polygon network in Metamask. Polygon Chainlist Page : https://chainlist.org/chain/137

  2. Add Polygon Network Manually in the Metamask by filling details below: Network Name: Polygon Mainet Chain id: 137 Currency : Matic RPC: https://polygon-rpc.com Explorer: https://polygonscan.com/

Ethereum Mainet

Step 1: Login into the Trainers Hub https://hub.kryptomon.co

Step 2: Click the "Accept" button to agree to the terms and conditions, allowing progression to the Migration Portal

Step 3: Checkout the Migration Portal

The Migration Portal will automatically detect all KMON NFTs, NFT items, KMON coins, BNB, and NFTs residing within the Playdex contract. Everything requiring migration will be comprehensively displayed, enabling players to systematically migrate each item.

Kmon employs the latest Chainlink CCIP, ensuring the utmost security in migrating assets to either Polygon or Ethereum. The entire migration process's statistics can be monitored through the CCIP Dashboard. To access, click on the "CCIP Dashboard" button at the top, and verify assets by entering the Transaction Hash into the search bar.

Step 4: Initiate the Migration and cover the transaction fees in $BNB to finalize the signing process.

The migration of identical assets occurs sequentially. As you confirm each migration, the transaction is processed, and subsequently, the prompt for the migration of the next item arises. You may choose to migrate multiple assets simultaneously or opt to pause and migrate specific items later, considering the time required. Typically, successful migration is achieved within 3 minutes, contingent upon the processing speed of the chain. In certain instances, migration may extend up to an hour, during which you can monitor the progress through the CCIP Dashboard.

The Ethereum option is exclusively applicable to the KMON coin, as liquidity will be introduced to the KMON-ETH pool on Uniswap for trading purposes.

For trading the KMON coin, players have the flexibility to migrate to the Ethereum chain, enabling them to seamlessly exchange or swap it for various tokens.

However, to utilize the KMON within the KMON ecosystem on the Trainers Hub in the game, it is imperative for it to reside on the Polygon chain. Notably, liquidity will not be incorporated into Polygon, restricting players from converting the KMON coin to other currencies within this network.

In such instances, players must transfer the KMON coin to supported Centralized Exchanges (CEX) or utilize the bridge to transition it to the Ethereum chain, contingent upon the availability of the bridge between Polygon and ETH.

When initiating the migration process for NFTs or KMON Tokens, exercise caution by ensuring that the displayed gas fee is not excessively high. In situations where chain congestion leads to a spike in gas fees, it is advisable to wait for a while until the fees normalize before proceeding with the migration transaction.

Step 5: Verify the Migration Status and switch the network to the Polygon chain.

The Trainers Hub will exclusively operate on the Polygon chain. Ensure to switch to the Polygon chain within the Metamask wallet.