Bridge $KMON Between Ethereum and Polygon

Step 1: Visit the Wormhole Portal Bridge Website and Connect your Wallet from Link Below 🔽:

Step 2: Choose the Source and Target Chain: Polygon to Ethereum or Ethereum to Polygon based on what you need .

Step 3: Search " KMON " by name or by the Contract Below:

⚡️CHAIN - Ethereum ⚡️CONTRACT- 0xc4170fd71ECed3C80baDca77f4e12E8AaC1e3436 ⚡️NAME - KMON ⚡️SYMBOL - KMON ⚡️DECIMAL - 18 ———————————————————————— ⚡️CHAIN - Polygon ⚡️CONTRACT- 0x43636e633D037Bd1c87Ae93419076A885cE5b714 ⚡️NAME - KMON ⚡️SYMBOL - KMON ⚡️DECIMAL - 18 Step 4 : Fill the Amount of $KMON you want to Bridge Over and Click "Next"

Step 5 : Confirm the Target Chain and Checkout the " Estimated Gas fee "

Step 6 : Click on "Transfer" Button and Approve the transaction in your Wallet.

Step 7 : Wait for the transaction to Succeed for token to enter the bridge and then KMON token can be Redeem on the ETH chain.

Step 8 : Redeem the KMON on the ETH Chain and bridge Success.

In Wormhole you can redeem the Token on the Targetted Chain anytime if you haven't redeemed it. - Visit: - Fill the Source Chain and Transaction hash of the " Bridge transfer " from the Chain Explorer. - Click on " Recover" - You can start again from the " Redeem" step now if you haven't did it before.

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