Elements and Spells

Used Parameter: Attack, Strength Main Family(Elemental genes x Elemental talent), Strenght Secondary Family, Resistance, Constitution, Speed, Craziness, Instinct.

Unlock your power. Unlock your spells.

Unlocking spells is not that simple. You and your kryptomon must train hard to unleash the full potential of your buddy. Choosing your paths strategically on which element you would pick to unlock first.


Ultimate spell and slot of certain elements gets unlocked when you reach level 10 in Main Family or Secondary Family.
First Elemental spell gets unlocked automatically
The Second Elemental spell and slot get unlocked when you reach level 25 in Secondary Family
Unlock spell is not equal to unlock slot.

Types of Spells

Kryptomons have four core spells, one physical spell, one shield spell, two elemental spells, and one ultimate spell. Mixing and experimenting with different spells will be your formula in creating your ultimate spell combo.

Physical Spell

In each game you can only equip one physical spell at a time. These spells do physical damage based on your Attack parameter.

Shield Spell

One shield spell are equip to each Kryptomon, shields provides damage reduction plus charge absorption. The Constitution parameter contributes to shield spells.

Elemental Spell

You can equip two elemental spell in each game, you can pick from the unlocked elemental spells your kryptomon has. Some elemental spell has utility on it that grants special statuses toyour enemy or buffs for yourself. Strength of Main Family and Strength of Secondary Family affects this.

Ultimate Spell

Ultimate spells are high-cost-high-reward spells that inflict a massive amount of elemental damage to the enemy. The Strength of the Main Family and Strength of the Secondary Family contributes to this spell.


The world of Kogaea revolves around elemental harmony with its surrounding. Elements will play a vital part in Kryptomon battle, so master your elemental knowledge through Practice Mode or by going to Kryptomon Academy!

Elemental Efficiency

With Elemental Advantage, you can get up to 50% bonus damage inflicted to your opponent by using offensive elemental spells. (Physical spells don’t have the Elemental Advantage)
Kryptomons have two family systems. Only the main family determines the counter element.
Elemental advantage works during the attack only. There’s no advantage while doing defense spells. E.g. Fire types have an advantage over Ice.


Different elements have different and unique spells embedded in their genome. Fire spells boast damage-over-time effects while Ghost spells focus on controlling the resources of the battlefield. So analyzed and experiment with each element to find the playstyle that best suits you as a Trainer!


Notable for their efficient spell casting, Water Kryptomons can cast spells after spells with their unique Water Blessing effect. With reduced charges needed to activate spells on the battlefield, they drown their opponents with a continuous burst of vortex, while finishing them with a powerful tsunami.
Physical Spell
Defensive Spell
Elemental Spell
Elemental Spell


Ground Kryptomons are known for their hard-hitting attacks. Equipped with a unique Sandstorm spell effect, they will ram their opponents to the ground with magnified Headbutts before slamming them down with Stalactite Rain.


These fiery Kryptomons are renowned for their slow-burn playstyle. With its unique Hydra spell effect, they will slowly but effectively chip off their opponent's health points. When their target is in critical condition, they will blaze them with a powerful Inferno.


Air Kryptomons are known as battle controllers. With their unique Wall of Wind spell, they can block the opponent's Kryptomon as they try to swap with its ally, trapping the former to its doom


Electro Kryptomons specialize in amplifying their elemental damage. Charging up with Static Electricity to finish you with an amplified Thunderstorm


Known for their solid defense and resistance, Ice Kryptomons are blessed with a unique Frozen Armor effect. Their opponent will find themselves fighting for survival as they try to melt off its defense, only to find themselves frozen on an Absolute Zero spell.


Outplaying its opponent with heals and regeneration from its unique Blessing of Nature spell, Grass Kryptomons are quite durable on the battlefield. Waiting for the right time to unleash the Curse of the Jungle to finish its prey.


Known for controlling the flow of battles, Ghost Kryptomons are equipped with a unique Panic Attack spell that can steal its opponent's elemental charges. Opponents facing these Kryptomons often struggle to fight back with their elemental spells until it's too late, and they succumb to their ultimate spell, Whisper of Doom. ☠️