Professor's Log

The Professor's transcript that might possess clues on how the Kryptomon came to our world.
It’s. Alive. I don’t know why we were so surprised. Nobody recognized it at first but now that we’ve had more time to study them, all 10,000 of them are clearly in the shape of eggs.
There’s no conclusive evidence that the pattern means anything, but after the baffling results from the preliminary tests on the eggs several days ago, this finally feels like I might be on to something.
Do you know that feeling when you realize you’re living through something that is going to change your life? That’s how I feel more and more every day.
This has been a good week. No, it’s been an AMAZING week. After months of puzzling over these eggs and the weird incidents that have been happening we’re finally making some progress.
I couldn’t sleep last night. Watching these eggs is like staring into an event horizon.
It’s the pink glow! That pink glow is the biggest breakthrough we’ve had these 2 months since our Kryptomons hatched, and it might be my best chance in getting Embie back.
“FOUR… THREE…TWO…ONE!”, the crowd chanted in sync as all eyes turned towards the projection of a clock high above the night sky.
“Sigh… I wonder how Eva’s doing” I mused as I scanned the code on the screen directly in front of me.