What is Generation?
Different Generations, Different Values.
Generation Rarity Chart
Generation or Gen represent your kryptomon's group in terms of population rarity. Generation 0 being the fewest, thus the rarest of all generations, it will be the most valuable of them all.

Wait, does Gen affects my kryptomon's strength?

Absolutely not.
Yes, having Generation 0 kryptomon is cool and all but Generation doesn't affect the overall stats of your kryptomon. Any higher Generation can battle head to head against a Generation 0 kryptomon.

Then, what's the use of having a lower Gen if they're all equal in strength?

Even though Generation number doesn't affect the attributes and stats of your already born kryptomon, it can do amazing things to the Genotype of its offspring. That is why Generation 0 is a Breeder's go-to when it comes to producing baby kryptomons. We'll talk about Breeding in a later subject.
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