Main Mechanics
Here are the 6 main mechanics you need to master as a Trainer.


Buying your first-ever Kryptomon egg is easy!
    Go to the marketplace, and choose the egg you want.
    If you already picked the Egg you want to buy, just click on the egg. A new page will open containing the Egg's stats.
    If the stats are perfect for you, you can now click on the "Buy now" button.
    You'll be prompted with a Metamask transaction window. Click submit to purchase the Egg.
    It may take a couple of minutes to show up on your profile. This all depends on the Binance Smart Chain Network.


Congrats Trainer! You now have an egg in your hands. So, now what?
First, you'll have to wait for it to hatch to be able to interact with it. Once your baby kryptomon hatched, the caring mechanics begins. Your baby kryptomon needs to be fed and given attention or it may get weak, or even worse, freeze. But of course, it all depends on your Kryptomon's Genotype.


Training your kryptomon is vital in winning future battles. Training will improve your kryptomon's stats making it stronger, better, faster than other kryptomons.


The win condition is simple: Strategized your play using your kryptomon's move to beat the opponent's kryptomon before they beat yours.
As of now, only PvP Battle is planned for the year 2021.


Breeding is a complex process. Expert breeders calculate the offspring's genotype and stats by using a mathematical formula to create their kryptomon.
In able to breed, the Trainer who wants an Egg will need to pay the Breeder in the marketplace. Once the Egg was laid, it will go directly to the Trainer.


All good things must come to an end because sometimes we need to say goodbye to our buddy kryptomon from time to time. When selling your kryptomon to its new Trainer you can follow these easy steps:
    Go to the kryptomon dashboard, and pick the egg you want to sell.
    If you already picked the Egg you want to sell, click the Mochi Market icon in the upper right corner. A new Mochi Market page will open containing the Egg's stats and a "Sell" and "Transfer" button.
    Create a sell order by clicking the "Sell" button. Set the price you want to sell your Egg. Choose from MOMA and BNB.
    You'll be prompted with a Metamask transaction window. Click submit to sell the Egg.
    You're all set, your Egg or Kryptomon is now in the market. Wait for a buying Trainer to make a transaction.
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