Kryptomon Academy
The official guide for Kryptomon.

Greetings Trainers!

Welcome to Kryptomon Academy, your official Kryptomon guide. The Academy is here to teach you all kryptomon-related stuff, from buying your first ever kryptomon buddy to becoming the best Trainer in the Metaverse.

Getting Started

This section outlines the basics of how to play Kryptomon: buying, caring, training, breeding, selling, and battling.

Let's talk about Gas

Every action in Kryptomon requires a Gas fee to be paid to the Binance Smart Chain Network. This section explains Gas and how it works.


Every Kryptomon has a set of 38 initial genes that makes your kryptomon visually and genetically unique called Genotype. This section explains genes, how they work, and how they get passed on from parents to new Kryptomon.
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